Jefferson County Ambulance

About Ambulance District #33

Ambulance District #33 was established in 1972 and became an ALS service in the early '90s. District #33 is a professional ALS/BLS service, our staff includes 4 paramedics and 4 EMT B's. We provide for all emergent 911 calls for the City of Fairbury and part of Kansas. Because we are an ALS provider, we also tier with other communities of Jefferson county and areas of Thayer and Saline county. Ambulance District #33 also provides immediate and non-immediate transfer services from Fairbury, and surrounding counties to Lincoln and Omaha. Ambulance District #33 is an active member of 3 & 33 Mutual Aid Association and is part of a five county Public Health Solutions response team located in southeast Nebraska. Our ambulance teams also provide support for Fairbury City and Rural Fire Departments. Service are also provided for the races at the local fairgrounds and a variety of sporting events throughout the year.

Unit 1 - 1998 Ford Type 3
Unit 2 - 2006 Ford Type 3
Unit 3 - 2002 Ford Type 2